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Performance Marketing

Meta Ads

I’ll help you grab attention on Meta with ads that turn heads and spark action, making your brand the talk of the town.

Pinterest Ads

More reach, more traffic, more sales. I focus on data-driven strategies across Meta Ads, Google Ads, SEO and other channels to deliver impactful results.

Google Ads

I’m your go-to for Google Ads that stand out in the sea of search, connecting you directly with those searching for what you offer.


Let me elevate your SEO, enhancing your site’s visibility organically, and drawing in traffic that’s ready to engage.



I’ll turn your cold audience into converters by writing copy that actually gets instant results.

VSL & video ad scripts

Video sales letter scripts that truly get results even in a crowded marketplace.


I’ll write informative articles that takes your cold audience from clueless to „take my money“.


I will create salespages, that make sure your ads -clicks will convert into sales!

AI Copywriting

I can teach you special skills and techniques to create high-quality-copy for your website with AI.

Creative Strategy

Idea Generation

In the world of performance marketing, finding the right words, ideas and strategies that convert is key. I’m here to craft those ideas that not just reach, but resonate and drive action.


Great marketing isn’t just about catchy slogans or flashy ads; it’s deeply rooted in data, analysis, and continuous improvement. I dive into the numbers to find what’s not working, spot golden opportunities, and draw insights that might not be obvious at first glance. By understanding the story your data tells, I tailor your marketing efforts to be more effective and aligned with your goals. 


I’ll help you spy on competitors, steal ideas, integrate new trends and help you analyze what your audience really wants.



creative strategy & performance marketing

creation & management of performance marketing creatives & channels


ai prompt engineering

ai text generation


e-commerce manager

project management & performance marketing

eglo leuchten

digital marketing manager

web-project management, digital marketing

Mille Sanders

shopify & fba

founded & operated by me


bae-i, growthkiste, gumroad, web3-event, conten-creation & more

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Mille Sanders

e-com brand shopify + fba

founded & operated by me


ai tool aggregator

ai tool listing website


web3 event aggregator

event listing website



fun project to document interesting things i learned


digital products

printables, templates & e-books



hobby & side business